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Saturday, October 20, 2012

India will send its own mission to Mars

In recent years, the process of space exploration is not only high-status, but also and more very important. And it's not that mankind is beginning to handle in quantity boundary rules, under which the world still needed for the settlement, but because that now many of the developed countries are aiming for the development of other planets that they would start mining. To that end, in November 2013, India is going to launch on the orbits of Mars his first exploratory space probe.

About it, it was stated head of the Indian Association for the space research K. Radhakrishnan. Indian probe to be launched to Mars in 2013, when the Earth and Mars will be in the best possible orbits, being as close to each other. Research probe will carry not only the search of geological minerals, but also to explore the Red Planet's atmosphere and to find traces of life on it. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the mission will cost $ 90 million.

Sending this research space probe is one of the next steps to achieve sufficiently ambitious targets that have recently been placed in front of the Indian space. Among other things, of course, in India and planned manned mission, which, according to the original plans, will have to take place already in 2016?

Indian space program is a national pride and since its beginning in 2009, has already achieved significant results. Specifically it is an Indian research probe Chandrayaan-1 was able to detect the presence of water on the moon, which substantially increased the authority of the Indian space program, when compared to other participants of space exploration.

However, just cannot do without failures, which are present in the Indian space program. In particular, in December 2010, there was a nasty incident with a booster GLSV, which initially deviated from the desired path during takeoff, and then completely lost control, followed by an explosion, and its remnants fell into the Bay of Bengal. This has become a serious problem, because this booster to be used for launching the Indian manned spacecraft.

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