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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Probe Voyager-1 crossed the solar system

On the eve of NASA representative’s statement that the spacecraft had afford evidence that the Voyager-1 is crossed the solar system. The intersection of the probe Voyager-1 edge of the solar system was the world and a new level of realization in the study of outer space.

NASA experts led three signs by which one can judge that Voyager-1 has moved beyond the solar system:

1) Sets record high increase in cosmic rays, which have the nature of the formation of the solar system;

2) There is a reduction of influence of low energy particles that come from the sun;

3) Changes the direction of the magnetic field.

The hemisphere is formed around the probe flow of the solar wind, which does not let the cosmic rays in, coming from outside the solar system. But the closer to the edge of the solar system, the stronger the magnetic field changes, which affects the Voyager-1.

Astronomer Nick Santtseff suggests that we can already talk about the border probe solar system, even without taking into account that the data from the magnetometer is not accurate.

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