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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vesta close-up the machine Dawn

Last July, the crack of dawn probe entered orbit around the asteroid Vesta, the second largest asteroid main asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. To date, Dawn helped create 3-D map more than 80 percent of the surface of Vesta.

The most interesting thing that we found out with the machine Dawn, - is that the news is the core of nickel and iron, such as the core of Mercury, Earth and Mars. 

In addition, the researchers found that on the West there was a process of differentiation - a step towards turning the planet into space stone.

No less surprising was for scientists confirmed the hypothesis that the West really is the source of meteorites like HED (Howard, evkrit, Diogenes) found on Earth and Mars. Dawn team believes that these meteorites were formed after the collision of ancient Vesta from the space object - after which she almost shattered to pieces - leave a deep imprint on the asteroid, known as Crater Reyasilviya.

Currently machine Dawn went on a long journey to the dwarf planet Ceres, and will come to her in February 2015

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