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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amazing picture of Saturn and its tiny satellite

Great picture of Saturn was recently acquiring satellite NASA Cassini, moving in an orbit around the gas giant.

Dull point in the upper part of the center of the image - which you could easily miss, taking her spot on the monitor - in fact Saturn Mimas. It is only 396 kilometers in diameter and therefore looks a dwarf compared with its giant parent planet. On close inspection, you can see on one side of Mimas giant crater, making it look like the Death Star from the Star Wars movies.

The dark spots are scattered over the surface of Saturn - a powerful storm raging in the planet's atmosphere consisting of hydrogen and helium, the researchers say.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997 with the lander Huygens. Cassini arrived at Saturn in 2004, and dropped the Huygens probe on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan, a giant in January 2005, the Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA and the Italian Space Agency.

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