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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fermi space telescope updated software

Software Update for Gamma Ray Observatory "Fermi" will allow the telescope to observe now more high-energy photons than was previously potential.

Gamma Ray Observatory "Fermi" registers the most high-energy events in the Universe since 2008; however, astronomers have long disheartening that many photons pass freely through the detector telescope.

At the observatory "Fermi" has long existed software problems, do not let the telescope to work effectively with gamma rays with energies above 10 billion electron volts (10 GeV). These high-energy rays could tell scientists about the dark matter and powerful stellar explosions known as gamma-ray bursts.

The new software, called Pass 8, increase by 60% the amount available for use by the data obtained for energies above 10 GeV.

Also, scientists will be able to use a new software package for the analysis of the information is transmitted to the ground for the previous years of the space observatory "Fermi".

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