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Friday, November 16, 2012

Scientists have found a way to cool down the black hole

Samuel Grall and Alexander Le Tick the University of Maryland simulated a scenario in which the orbit of the black hole is placed satellite circling it with the same speed with which rotates itself a hole - so that the two objects remain fixed relative to each other.

Thus, they reproduce the conditions under which for those in the motion of the black holes can test the hypothesis made earlier by Stephen Hawking to the contingent of static black holes.

Renowned physicist predicted that black holes emit small amounts of radiation, depending on their mass. However, in order to find it, physicists, among the mass of the giant object, you must know the strength of gravity at its surface. With the help of modern devices to calculate it would be possible only if the black hole is at rest.

The team of scientists from Maryland in the model put into orbit the black hole mass is about five solar masses and a diameter of 30 kilometers a small moon in astronomical terms exceeding 1 tone. It is found oscillation parameters of the object.

According to the researchers, who used his calculations the existing equations, the attraction of the surface of the black hole at the same time decreased, and the temperature dropped - albeit slightly. When the initial temperature of the black hole in a ten billion degrees above absolute zero, the addition of the moon she sank to 10-35 Kelvin.

Despite the fact that, in reality, such deviations are unlikely to have a significant impact on the heavenly bodies, a study by American scientists could help to develop a theory of gravitational waves, said Gary Gibbons of the University of Cambridge in the UK. With the help astrophysicists hope to confirm or deny the provisions of the general theory of relativity and to investigate the absorption of black holes in each other.

It is believed that the two black holes orbit each other, are a powerful source of perturbations of space-time.

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