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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The close pair of stars surrounded by a "mysterious dust"

Astronomers have discovered a curious disk of gas and dust surrounding a system of two stars, the origin of which scientists cannot explain the basis of the standard models of planetary evolution.

A binary star system (with a simple name of SDSS J0303 +0054) is composed of white and red dwarfs, separated by distance of about 700,000 kilometers, the distance between the two stars is a very small value. 

They are so close that the shell of one of them has become common for the two stars. Stars also rotate relative to each other very quickly - makes one revolution in just 3 hours.

According to the theories of stellar evolution, the mysterious disk of dust around the white dwarf should not exist, because, when a white dwarf passed the red giant phase, its bloated envelope should absorb all the dust surrounding the star. Scientists have put forward the version of forming gas and dust belt of asteroids come close to the star, which turned to dust as a result of multiple collisions.

The study appeared online preliminary scientific publications arxiv.org

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