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Thursday, October 25, 2012

California was the usual stone meteorite

Clash, which, as predictable, could be from a recent meteor fireball that flounces over California, in fact, was the usual earthly stone, scientists reported.

Stone interested researchers, because it was assumed that he was a first portion, which had been left meteor lit the night sky over the Bay Area of San Francisco on October 17. 

A resident of Novato, California, Lisa Webber, a nurse from the Medical Center of San Francisco, University of California, read about the fireball, and remembered that she had heard the sound on my roof at night before. After some searching, she and her neighbors found a dent on the roof and a stone courtyard, which looked very promising.

First, the researchers decided that the stone can be a meteorite fragment, based on the apparent density of the sample and its magnetic properties, but further analysis with a microscope; they found that the 63-gram sample is merely conventional terrestrial rock.

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