Sunday, May 13, 2018

Astronaut NASA published a lights of fishing vessels from space

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold, who is currently on the International Space Station , posted a Bangkok snapshot from space on his Twitter page. On the picture were also the lights of fishing vessels in the Gulf of Thailand.

"The lights of fishing vessels seem like the stars that were nailed to the shore of the Gulf of Thailand,
while the lights of Bangkok illuminate the distant shores," Arnold wrote.

The Siamese or Thailand Gulf is part of the South China Sea, which is washed in the west and north of the coast of Thailand, in the east - Cambodia and Vietnam, in the south-west of Malaysia.

In May 2016, NASA astronauts deployed to the ISS experimental  helium balloon module VEAM , intended for the residence of the crew members of the station. It is planned that the  tests of BEAM will be conducted for a minimum of two years . During this time, astronauts will appreciate his ability to protect against radiation, maintain temperature, and also resist the impacts of micrometeorites, the action of dust and other factors of the  space environment.

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