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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Complete rotation of Jupiter, by Damian Peach

Damian Peach is the most accepted and planetary astrophotography while most "hated" the world. Admired by the incredible images it achieves. Hated because, although some approaches you, no one can its level. And it is very secretive and does not share their methods.

There is much speculation about how it does. Legend has it that gives access Celestron factory and can thus choose the best SC. 

It is also said that it is crucial that you take your images from Barbados, with excellent sky and, above all, with many more planets height, these years when Jupiter and Saturn circulating constellations that lie at low altitude views from Europe and the U.S...

The myth that the secret is in Barbados began to crumble when published in the last campaign, images of Jupiter obtained from his native Britain that nothing desmerecían of which has been obtained from Barbados.

Just posted a video of a full rotation of Jupiter that they confirm that the secret is not Barbados. And that is not the material, those SC that legend, choose.

Damian Peach has been this fall, with Jim Phillips in South Carolina. Taken with the telescope of Jim, an Astrophysics 10 "F/14.6 Maksutov CASs grain, images of Jupiter and then processed Peach home. That is, neither Barbados nor elected factory telescopes. And this is the result:

In summary, although a good observation and good help materials, it is clear that if these fantastic images Damian are achieved mainly by his working method. Who knows who he is?

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