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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signs of a planet from "Star Wars"

Amateur astronomers have discovered a new planet that rotates not only around two suns, but at the same time is the orbit of the other two suns. The new system, which has four of the sun in its composition, the first of its kind, which was discovered in the project for planet hunters led by a team at Yale University. Enthusiastic fans are working with professional scientists to analyze the data collected by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, and the search for new worlds.

The planet, called PH1 - it is a gas giant, slightly more than Neptune. It is like the fictional planet Tatooine from the film "Star Wars", revolving around two suns. It was there that he spent his childhood, Luke Skywalker. However, unlike the fictional character, the planet PH1 went even further around the whole of this installation revolves two additional suns. This means that if someone could stand on the planet, he could see a double sunset, as well as two very bright stars in the night sky far.

Quaternary star system is located at a distance of about 3200 light years from Earth, and it was called KIC 4862625. This unique system, which could be missed if it were not watchful eye of the public. PH1 was discovered by amateurs, who used the transit method. This means that they found the weak light failures. Hunters for the planet - it's a truly unique design that allows you to make a real contribution to science. If this project were not, it would be much missed.

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