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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The planet, which is a third of the diamonds

At a distance of 40 light years from Earth is a planet that orbits a star and is about a third of their diamonds. These termination astronomers from the U.S. and France, the main provisions of which have been published in the latest issue of the specialized publication "Astrophysical Journal", published in Chicago by the American Astronomical Society, reports UNN.

Nikki Madhudsudan of Yale University in the U.S. and Olivier Mussis from the Research Institute of Astrophysics and Planetary Science in Toulouse, France, believe that the amazing planet in the constellation of Cancer, there are all the conditions necessary for the formation of minerals, which are allotropic forms of carbon.

"55 Cancri e" diameter is twice the size of our planet and its mass exceeds eight times. Surface temperature reaches 2148 degrees Celsius. Celestial body that orbits its star, visible to the naked eye from Earth, so fast that one year on it lasts about 18 Earth hours.

"The surface of the planet is covered by certain graphite and diamonds rather than water, granite," - said Madhudsudan. He and his colleague from France are convinced that about one-third the mass of "55 Cancri e" has the diamonds. This is equivalent to about three Earth masses.

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