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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scientists have recorded the disintegration of a comet Hergenrother/168P

Comet Hergenrother/168P recently entered the inner solar system. As amateur astronomers and professionals similar were watching a giant ball of ice and dirt for the past several weeks of intensive matter emitted from large portions of the comet dust. We now know that the comet Hergenrother/168P disintegrated.

Using the Gemini North telescope of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, USA, located on the top of the mountain Mona Ki, Hawaii, researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory found that the nucleus of the comet broke up at least four separate fragments resulting in a significant increase in the amount of dust in the gas shell surrounding the comet nucleus - coma.

With the accumulation of a large amount of coma substance capable of reflecting sunlight, it began to glow brightly. Fragments left after the collapse of the comet, are much less bright than the comet objects. This indicates the distance from the surface of large amounts of matter, researchers say.

The orbit of the comet Hergenrother/168P well understood - the comet poses no threat to Earth.

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