Sunday, June 5, 2016

Geo-IK-2 on the way to a working orbit

MSK warhead launcher "Rokot" with the Russian geodesic satellite Geo-IK-2 on board separated from the second stage and brought a satellite into an intermediate orbit. Start was done six minutes earlier from Plesetsk Arkhangelsk region. "Rokot" were created as part of the conversion program is removed from the weapons of intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18. Earlier start "Rokot" with Geo-IK-2 on board postponed either due to technical reasons or organizational (now cannot tell). Launch of the satellite is planned for May. The device is vegetating at the launch site from the end of March. 

BEAM. Start of two-year studies

On Monday, June 6, the astronaut Jeffrey Williams enters the first experimental inflatable habitable ISS module BEAM designed to test a new class of residential units planned to be used for the study of long-distance lines (!) Of space for commercial use in low-Earth orbits. May 28 in Saturday, for seven hours filled with air inflatable pilot residential module manufactured by Bigelow Aerospace (BEAM).

China sets a world record 370-day for human life on the moon

The Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics completed a 370-day experiment to simulate the lives of people on the moon, settin...