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Monday, October 15, 2012

Black sun on a star field reversed

Does it is known this strange black ball? If it is, is because it is the Sun
The image shown above is the result of a very detailed view of Sol registered in very specific color of red, then black and white processed and finally displayed in inverted colors. Once completed, the black sun was superimposed on a stellar field whose colors were also reversed.

The highlight allows treatment performed several long filaments , active regions dark bulges of the solar disk and a kind of mobile folder hot gas.

The surface of our star has become a particularly active over the last two years, because now comes the Solar Maximum, the period during which the surface of the magnetic field is strongest.

But not only the active Sun can be picturesque. It may also be the plasma ejected during the phases of activity, since when it hits the Earth's magnetosphere can cause auroras on Earth.

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