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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Canada has produced a prototype for future Mars rovers

Canadian designers are developing now several models of robots on wheels, to help astronauts learn the satellite of the Earth and other planets in our solar system. "Much of the work on the Moon and Mars will be related to the study of geology and drilling," - said Leclerc, adding that Canada is just in the technology of mining and mining has gained a lot of experience.

"The U.S. space agency - NASA has already shown interest in our prototype, offering complete them for a particular space missions, "- he said.

The most promising devices are considered four-"Artemis" / "Artemis" - the goddess of hunting in Greek mythology / and a larger six-wheeled "Lunar Rover research easy."

According to Ian Christie - President of "Neptek design group" created by "Artemis", Canadian rovers "are more prepared for the next stage of the study of the Moon" than their foreign counterparts. "For example, one of the experiments that NASA wants to do, involves drilling of the lunar surface and the production of hydrogen and oxygen from the ice," - he said.

Besides "Neptek 'development of self-propelled robots for planetary exploration is engaged and leading Canadian aerospace company" Detuayler Macdonald & Associates' (GM-TDA). That she once developed a "hand" manipulator "Canadair" for the International Space Station.

The rover, designed Em di hey, was to go to the Red Planet in accordance with the project "EkzoMars", which NASA intends to implement in 2018, together with the European Space Agency. Under the original agreement reached in 2009, the United States is going to allocate for this purpose 1.4 billion. Europeans - $ 1.2 billion. However, in February Barack Obama, seeking to reduce the huge budget deficit, reduced by 226 million. Program exploring Mars in 2013. As a result, NASA was forced to withdraw from the project.

As stated in June Leclerc, ESA has found a new partner - Russia and Canada notified that its Mars rover is not necessary. At the same time, he added that Russia has expressed interest in buying a GM-TDA navigation and mechanical systems of its staff to use in their own rover, which will be used in the project "EkzoMars." The main task of the mission - the search for traces of life on Mars.

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