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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mysterious dark matter extermination in the depths of space

Astrophysics, studying gamma radiation coming from the areas close to the center of the galaxy, found traces of the extermination of dark matter particles. Dark matter - a strange substance, which until now no one has touched.

The existence of dark matter so far confirmed only indirectly. 

The Large Hadrons Collider no new particles, except the mysterious Higgs boson are not found, although it is assumed that the dark matter consists of particles too - WIMPs. Physicists have suggested that traces of WIMP annihilation can be found in the gamma rays.

According to astrophysicists, the greatest density of dark matter in our nearest part of the universe is observed in the middle of the Milky Way, where there is a cluster of dwarf spherical galaxies. However, a change in the flux of gamma-rays do not say that in the center of the galaxy or a nearby dwarf galaxy is dark matter is - it could be anything. To highlight the really useful signal, the researchers analyze not only the spatial but also the spectral features of flow and are trying to find some line or narrow peaks, with high probability related to the annihilation of WIMPs.

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