Sunday, October 21, 2012

Titan was formed, merger of smaller satellites of Saturn?

By hypothesis, Professor Eric Asfauga Planetology (Erik Asphaug), Saturn's largest moon was formed as a outcome of the merger of smaller satellites.

October 19 at the annual conference in Reno (Nevada, USA), Professor of Planetary Science at the University of California (Santa Cruz) introduced his new hypothesis that the largest moon of Saturn - Titan, was formed during a merger of at least half a dozen smaller Saturnine satellites.

Scientists say that the system of Saturn's moons were first formed several major satellites, as well as in the case of Jupiter, the satellite system which was originally formed the four most basic satellites known as the "Galilean satellites" since they were discovered by Galileo in 1610.

Galilean satellites of Jupiter took the 99.998% of the mass of Jupiter's moons. All the other moons of Jupiter are very small. This planet, unlike Saturn, the satellites do not mean. Eric Asfaug trying to understand and explain what is the difference of these two systems.

"We assume that the giant planets started their own satellites, as well as the Sun started their own planets. According to our assumptions, there is a strong possibility that Titan was formed from several medium-sized satellites, each of which brings a single satellite Titan its weight" - said the scientist.

Recall that the diameter of Titan is 5,152 km, it is 50% more than that of the moon, and the Titan is 80% larger than Earth's satellite by weight. Titan also exceeds the size of the planet Mercury, although it is inferior to the mass. The force of gravity on it is about one-seventh of the earth. Mass of Titan is 95% of the mass of Saturn's moons.

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