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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scientists have shown photon mass

The team of scientists, which included representatives of Italy, Portugal, America and Japan, has been able to find a way that would be used for astrophysical observations that would be based on the fundamental principles of their check physics problems. In particular it affected determine the mass of photons.

The test, which was used for the scientists, is the following. If the photons would have mass, then it would cause instability, which would become the reason for stopping the rotation of black holes in the universe. 

However, scientists have observed that it was clear that black holes do not stop its rotation, which could mean either that the instability is too insignificant, or else it and did not. Based on this observation, it is possible to argue that the photon mass is so small that it is easier to be considered as zero.

In the same case, if the photons have non-zero mass, they were they would be the most real killers of black holes, causing the inside of the black hole instability, thus releasing energy from it and thereby slowing its rotation. Yet the observations that were made and carried out for black holes, said only that they did not begin to slow down, which is a testament to the fact that photons cannot be the presence of mass, or else their lower limit of the mass close to the historically low value. In this case, if they do have mass, based on all observations, it should be at least a hundred million times less than the current lower limit on the neutrino mass, which is about two electron volts.

Practical confirmation of absence or extremely low, the photon mass is very important and filling the previously existing gap in the modern physics of elementary particles.

As soon as science progresses, calls into question the fundamental laws that require confirmation in light of the new possibilities of science and computing. In addition, the symbiosis of practical observations and theoretical knowledge, can give more impressive results. In particular, the practical observation of black holes has enabled the formation of ideas, which would be impossible with only laboratory. It is possible that these new frontiers in astrophysics may give a new understanding of the universe.

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