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Friday, October 19, 2012

Uranus observed unusual weather

Here is what happens: a thick, disordered atmosphere, where winds with speed reaching 900 kilometers per hour, a giant storm that would destroy the entire continent here, on Earth, and temperatures as high as -220 degrees Celsius. Sounds like a description of some icy hell, but in reality it is a picture of what is happening on the planet Uranus, unfolding before us on the new high-resolution images taken in the infrared range, which were obtained Keck Observatory, Hawaii.

Previously, scientists believed Uranus relatively peaceful place, but now, thanks to the new pictures, the researchers led by Larry Sromovski from the University of Wisconsin-Madison were able to examine a number of interesting weather events. In particular, they noticed large areas relatively constant weather conditions that the wind drift to the equator of the planet, suffering with significant changes in the shape and size.

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