Friday, October 19, 2012

Orionids meteor shower will climax this weekend

Soon the Earth will pass through a flow of debris that is left behind Halley's Comet, and you can watch a fantastic show of heaven known as the Orionids meteor shower. This is usually a very reliable meteor shower should peak at the upcoming weekend, October 20-21, 2012, and had at this time to give up to 25 meteors per hour, according to the McDonald Observatory, University of Texas at Austin.

To see the Orionids meteor shower, you should look towards Betelgeuse, the bright orange star in the constellation Orion. Do it best at night, in the wee hours, at a time when the moon was go down and will not interfere with your observations.

To fully enjoy the spectacular views of Orionids, watch them away from city lights. Lie on a blanket or sit on a folding chair to your field of view covered the entire night sky. If you can see all the stars of the Little Dipper, your eyesight is well adapted to the dark, which will undoubtedly be an added advantage when observing meteor shower.

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