Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Astronomy in India 2,300 years ago to celebrate the summer solstice

Astronomy enthusiasts gathered at the Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory in the capital of India, to calculate the size of the Earth following the methodology of 2,300 years ago the Greek scholar Eratosthenes.
The event was promoted by the International Association Space and was attended throughout the morning a few curious tourists visiting the XIII century observatory located in central Delhi, and many lovers of astronomy.

As explained by one of the educators of Space, Rishab Jain, June 21 marks the beginning of summer and the project undertaken is to calculate the circumference of the Earth with the help of the shadows cast by the sun during the day only in year.
Jain further explained that the role of members of his organization to go beyond a few brief lessons on astronomy and the main objective is to "transfer information to all those who have no knowledge of science."
"Over the years people have developed many myths" in India, like to eat or drink during an eclipse causes children to be "abnormal", so they try to banish such superstition, according to the educator.
Two of the students attending the demonstration were excited and said to Efe that his perception of astronomy has changed dramatically since he joined Space.
"We used to think was a maze Jantar Mantar," he laughed one of them, Shiv Singhal.
His friend Vibhu Narayan, interrupting, said: "This is the biggest 'samrat' (sundial) of the World, and here we have many other instruments that were built and used long ago. It was the most advanced instruments of its time ".

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