Friday, June 15, 2012

Civilization is predictable to come into contact with outer space being in 20 years

A famous astronomer said that mankind will have contact with outer space bright being within 20 years (as reported on 4 "Daily Mail" Britain). The current discovery of Earth-like planets outside our solar system and an important job American NASA space by 2009 civilization will make a big step toward contact with outer space beings. In a BBC documentary screened in England tomorrow night, the American astrophysicist Frank Delaroix says: "It makes us more optimistic." Delaroix began in 1961 with a plan to seek extraterrestrial intelligent life. He said: "We are confident that within 20 years we know about the situation in extraterrestrial life.
We have great chance to discover life and even intelligent life somewhere in the Milky Way system. "Nearly half a century ago, created an evacuation Delaroix to calculate the number of aliens of the Milky Way system. That evacuation takes into account 7 factors as the reason for birth of fixed stars in the Milky Way, how many planets in many fixed stars are habitable or not and how long they remain for an intelligent being. While responses were varied to say evacuation Delaroix said that, on average, it is estimated that there are over 10,000 life forms with advanced technologies in the system of the Milky Way. Many experts refuted this theory. But a computer scientist from Switzerland last April found two planets capable of sustaining living outside the solar system. It is "Gliese 581c" and "Gliese 581 d". Next year, the U.S. NASA will launch a space telescope "Kepler", the spatial task in 4 years will be to explore and probe 100,000 stars repeatedly subsistence sized planets similar to Earth in a residential area around of the fixed stars.

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