Friday, June 15, 2012

NASA sends a theme song of The Beatles into space

The British group The Beatles, to celebrate 40 years of song cross-ways the Universe, NASA sent into space the aforesaid song through a network of antenna. Through him also shall the odd message of Paul McCartney: "compliments to the aliens." The U.S. space agency is planning to launch tomorrow as another feat in the day he meets a half century of space activities.Also commemorate the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Deep Space Network, with whose antennas installed worldwide researchers study the universe.

This is not the first time the ways of popular Liverpool quartet and NASA together. In 2005, something similar had happened when McCartney in concert, sang Good Day Sunshine, which was transmitted to the International Space Station ISS.
Here Comes the Sun, Ticket to ride, and A Hard Day? s night are other songs with which the astronauts awoke space ground stations, on previous occasions.
Paul was extremely pleased with this new opportunity for the voice of his former band mates again to infinity. "Great, very well done, NASA. Compliments to the aliens," he wrote in a statement to the space agency, which was published in some news agencies. The song will travel about 300,000 miles per second, i.e. the speed of light.

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