Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NASA team train the face of a man trip to an asteroid

A NASA team is absorbed in an underwater base positioned in the Florida Keys that recreates the spatial conditions, in order to train the face of a man trip to an asteroid in 2025. According to a statement released today by NASA, this team lead and two days under the water and continue until a total of twelve days. Their activities can be viewed via the Internet in real time and through social networks like Twitter.
Mission Extreme Environment Operations (NEEMO, for its acronym in English), composed of scientists, astronauts and engineers, is made in the underwater laboratory Aquarius, the only one in the world of their characteristics according to NASA.
It is located eighteen feet below sea level in Key Largo, at the southern tip of Florida, about six kilometers from the coast, and he have gone with it, sixteen teams of astronauts to train in conditions similar to space. Operation Aquarius No. 16 "provides a compelling analogy with space exploration and the crew of NEEMO experience some of the same tasks and underwater challenges facing them in the space, "NASA said on its website. This year, the "simulated dispatch a mission to an asteroid," which is being planned in 2025 and focuses on three areas of study: delays in communication, technical limitation and translation, and the optimal size of the crew. The crew comes from the United States and space agencies in Europe and Japan. NASA astronauts have trained since 2001 in the underwater base in Florida, offering isolation and exceptional gravity. The results of these investigations in underwater laboratory are aimed at helping NASA to prepare for future manned mission to an asteroid.

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