Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Propose the schools speak of Astronomy

Organization of Science, Technology and Environment of the Educational Zone Monagas, propose to the head of this organization, Yessenia Lara, the field of teaching in schools was reported Astronomies. As in charge of this department, Doris Flores, during closing State Authority of the Fourth Day of Astronomy, where they exhibited their projects over a thousand students in fourth and fifth years of the 13 municipalities of the ban intifada. Formers teachers of Mathematics and Physics in the field. Currently, the only school that teaches high school matter is Luis Godfather.

This publication is about the culmination of the Fourth Meeting Monagas State Authority of Astronomy 2012 and the Astronomical Community of East Festival 2012, which began on Wednesday June 13th, 2012 at the headquarters of the National Lycee "Luis Godfather."
The effort made in Monagas is yielding tangible results. Astronomy Workshops for teachers, taught in this regional entity since 2008, under the methodology UNAWE and sponsored by the Astronomical Research Center Foundation "Francisco J. Duarte", Merida, and is part of the Academic Division of the Educational Zone of Monagas State, and applied as part of the Continuing Education of Teachers.
This year 2012 five workshops were delivered to the thirteen municipalities included in the Monagas State. With these five workshops have a total of 17 workshops delivered since 2008, with more than 400 teachers trained in astronomy and about 300 of the 900 educational institutions that make up the system of Monagas?

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