Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shuttle Endeavour is ready to start on March 11

NASA managers on Friday accepted the start on of space shuttle Endeavour on March 11, the first of three missions to the International Space Station to move a giant Japanese laboratory. condition there are no last-minute delay, the journey will come back and turn into the fastest game of missions since NASA reestablished his pitch, two and a half years after the Columbia will be destroyed upon reentry into the atmosphere in 2003.

The seven-person crew of Endeavour has two of the most experienced astronauts, four rookies and Japan's Takao Doi, who took part in a research mission in 1997.Shuttle, is scheduled to stay two weeks at the space station to install a storage room for the complex Japanese Kobo.
Endeavour's mission will also include test heat shield repair the ship that NASA wishes to set before examining the Hubble Space Telescope in late August or early September.
The Columbia accident occurred because its heat shield was damaged during takeoff, causing an explosion when the shuttle re-entry into the atmosphere.

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