Sunday, July 22, 2012

An Ariane 5 launches two satellites from Kourou

The Ariane was  launched with a gross  weight take-off of more than 9.5 tons. AP
This is 49 consecutive successful launch of Ariane.
It was launched with the mission of putting into orbit two satellites transfer gestational the weather observation.

Two satellites, EchoStar seventeenth and MSG-3, were successfully put into geostationary transfer orbit by an Ariane 5 rocket that took off Thursday night from the Kourou base, 
Anunico the Arianespace company in a transmission over the Internet.

This is 49 consecutive successful launch of Ariane said Arianespace CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall.

The Ariane 5 was fired at 21:36 hours on Thursday GMY, with a total takeoff weight of over 9.5 tones and with a mission to be placed in geostationary transfer orbit the two satellites, meteorological observation, the first, and Internet services, the second.

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