Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bio cosmetics, beauty to the natural

Environmentally responsible, bio cosmetics, which uses the advantages offered by the Earth and is inspired by ancient recipes, organic products created with natural and effective ways to preserve the beauty.

Since ancient times, the woman has taken care of your skin with care. Aware of the benefits and advantages of the plants in their environment, used to keep skin and hair in perfect condition.

That wisdom, which has been passed from generation to generation until today, has now become a modern demand. According to a survey by the natural cosmetics company "Origins", while 44 percent of American women want products of plant origin, in Europe they want 35 percent and Japan 29 of every hundred. Concienciada respects the environment, women, when buying a cosmetic, choose the most natural, that which in its formula includes only plant assets. But not only serves to be one hundred percent natural, but it requires a cosmetic bio, ie with an ecological commitment to support all its ingredients come from organic farming without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, besides having a quality certificate attesting that contains no chemicals, preservatives and dyes or substances of animal. "In its development is prohibited the use of synthetic perfumes and dyes, silicones, petroleum assets genetically modified ethoxylated emulsions, mineral oil, the carbomeres, preservatives and fenoxyetanol" explains Valérie Lamaire, Communications of Ecocert-private agency that regulates the organic certification in Europe. "They also control the materials used in packaging and labeling, and hygiene, cleanliness, absence of contamination in the laboratory and recycling of waste materials, "she adds. In organic products in the United States and France called organic biological, mineral filters are used instead of chemical products to protect skin the rays of the sun. WITH GUARANTEE SEAL At the end of the process-planting, harvesting, collection, distillation, processing, packaging and labeling of cosmetics, is due to get a quality label certifying its nature bio. To do this, in the world various regulatory agencies, that after an exhaustive examination of the creams, ingredients and method of manufacture, quality initialed. In America, the agency "Usda" which applies the same criteria to agriculture than the cosmetics, given different labels depending on the concentrate ingredients: - Organic : Contains 95 percent of plants and flowers grown organically. The remaining 5 percent are ingredients that are approved by the agency. - Made with organic ingredients : Certifies that the cosmetic contains 70 percent of organic products and the other 30 percent are agricultural compounds. In Europe, certified organic products are guaranteed private agencies "The Soil Association" and "Ecocert". The first major grant the certificate in the UK, while the second guarantees the quality, with two seals, in most European countries. - Green : Requires that 95 percent of its ingredients are natural, and that the 95 percent of this figure contains flowers, fruits and green plants. 5 per cent, at least 10 percent organic ingredients must contain and manufactured in a facility with guarantee certificate. - Natural : These cosmetics have 95 percent of all natural products, such as 50 percent must be green and the remaining five percent must contain organic ingredients. GUIDE NATURAL COSMETICS No doubt that organic cosmetics is booming, more and more are on the market products that take care of the face , body and hair gently and effectively. In general, the typical consumer profile of these cosmetics is often a woman between 35 and 60, who does not mind paying more money as long as they get the desired quality, both for herself and their children and family. organic cosmetic products, which feed on the virtues of plants and have a pleasant aroma concentration of essential oils, are suitable for sensitive skin. grapes, apricots, oranges, honey, almonds, lilies, roses, aloe vera , peppermint, lavender or elder, for his virtues and properties are common ingredients in the treatments face and body. "L'Occitane", "Origins", "Kibio "" Dr. Hauschka "," Naetura "," The Body Shop "," Sanoflore "," Aveda "," Harmony Bio "," Weleda "," corpore sano "or" Apivita "are some of the cosmetic companies that guarantee beauty face and body naturally.

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