Monday, July 2, 2012

Chinese astronauts from space speak with President Hu Jintao

Beijing. - Chinese President Hu Jintao, accompanied by other leaders of the communist regime, today visited the Aerospace Control Center in Beijing, where he could communicate with the three astronauts country currently orbiting Earth aboard the module "Tiangong I "point of departure for China's future space station. According to news agency Xinhua, Hu, Vice President Xi Jinping, Vice Premier Li Keqiang and

other leaders were interested in the health status of the three cosmonauts (Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang and Liu Yang, the latter the first woman in China to travel the cosmos), Chinese President congratulated the three by the success last week, when they carried out the first links of a manned spacecraft China (the "Shenzhou IX ", which traveled into space) with the module. Jing cosmonaut said the president that "Chinese astronauts have their place in space" and stressed that the trip now takes place smoothly. Hu thanked the triple its contribution to China's space program and said he hoped the return to Earth (which could occur within hours) to be successful. With this program, China, the third country able to carry astronauts into space (the first in 2003) , wants to show that it is technologically equipped to work in permanent bases in the cosmos, off the reluctance of countries like the U.S. to Beijing to participate in the International Space Station (ISS). China plans to install its first laboratory in space by 2016 and have a permanent space station later this decade, according to Efe. At the same time that China carries out this mission, another develops in water depths of our planet, where the submersible "Jiaolong" managed to overcome the past weekend the brand of 7,000 meters below the surface, a level that few countries had moved. The coincidence in time of these two milestones for the technology China has been used by the official press to praise the rapid development of the country in one year increased control of information and propaganda communist due to the change of power that is preparing its next October.

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