Sunday, July 8, 2012

Contact with aliens within two decades

Dozens of scholars have analyzed the possibilities of finding California, in the near future, life beyond Earth. We are better positioned than ever to detect life beyond Earth. And also to pick up signals of possible extraterrestrial intelligence, which will probably happen laspróximas over two decades.

These are some of the conclusions of the conference setIcon 2, held in Santa Clara, California, during the past weekend.
For two days, various specialists have gathered in Santa Clara to share ideas and explore possibilities to find, near future, life beyond Earth. Something that, by all accounts of the participants, could be about to happen.

The conference setIcon 2 focused this time on the recent findings of the Kepler Space Telescope, NASA's dedicated exclusively to search for planets similar to ours and leading since 2009 "combing" systematically thousands of stars all around and has discovered exoplanets and 2,300 (many of them still awaiting confirmation) that does not rule out the possibility of some form of life emerged.
Such and as many of the speakers said, the Kepler mission has allowed the "planet hunters" find worlds located far from their stars, not attached to them as with most previous findings. What's more, new telescopes are able also to find small planets, the size of ours and of similar composition, which increases the chances that at least some of them are suitable for life as we know it.
"Is it only the Earth? What daring! "
Some participants went further and said they are confident it will produce the first contact with intelligent beings within two decades. Kepler, say the advocates of this idea, is it possible to analyze a large number of planets on which there are already some of the conditions necessary for life. Since then, SETI teams able to focus their sophisticated listening devices in far more concrete objectives and probable.
"There are about 500,000 million planets out there, 'said Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the SETI project, and we think there is another 100,000 million galaxies. Think that Earth is the only place where something interesting has happened is a point of view at least, bold. “Source: EA

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