Sunday, July 15, 2012

So they are looking for the Higgs boson at CERN

You can make the July 4, 2012 in our calendar of scientific milestones. Just presented at the CERN in Geneva, the data of recent experiments in this research center showing the finding with a confidence of over 99% of the so-called "God Particle" or Higgs boson. Mary Chamizo, CMS researcher explains how to get the data and how to seek this elusive particle. Should give the Nobel Prize to Peter Higgs? -de-hags-in-the-corn Photo Gallery: the search for the Higgs boson Click here yesterday wrote one of the most brilliant of modern science. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced with a confidence of over 99 percent, who had discovered the Higgs boson. This, known as "the God particle" was theorized by Peter Higgs in the 60's and represented a revolution in the world of physics. Is it worth Higgs give him the Nobel Prize in physics now that it has been experimentally demonstrated its existence? For example, the own Stephen Hawking explained to the BBC that "the result is very important and Peter Higgs deserves the Nobel this reason.” But who is he deserves the award, Higgs or the research team has demonstrated its existence? Should not habérselo granted before? What do you think?
Should they give the Nobel Prize to Peter Higgs to theorize "the God particle"?
Yes, your work has changed physics forever and deserves, no doubt, the Nobel Prize
No. He theorized the particle, but the prize should be given to the team at CERN with the director to the head.

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