Saturday, August 25, 2012

Europe creationism discussion

Creationism rejects the evolution of species through natural selection. The Council of Europe, which is responsible for ensuring respect for human rights in the Old Continent, began to discuss a report that warns of the dangers of teaching creationist theories in schools.

Creationism challenges the commonly accepted theory of evolution of species and holds that the earth is no more than 10,000 years old and 

was created by God. The report discusses the institution now based in Strasbourg, France, wasEurope creationism discussion

 dismissed in a previous session of the Parliamentary Assembly after the center-right group, the second largest, submit objections. The document says that creationism could become a threat to human rights.

New followers
Creationism is gaining ground in Europe.
According to this study, creationism was a phenomenon that occurred almost exclusively in the United States, but is now gaining popularity in Europe, especially in evangelical Christian and Muslim communities.
The report describes creationism as a denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, which he claims is against the fundamentals of scientific knowledge.

When this study was first discussed in June, the group's center of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council stated that it was partition and got it to be dismissed. But now the issue is back on the agenda, and ensures that human rights are directly threatened by the fundamentalist creationist.

The text of the study cites a number of examples: last year Britain hosted an international symposium on creationism, while in the German state of Hesse, the culture minister called for creationism to be taught in schools alongside the theory of Evolution.

Creationist Museum
Ken Ham is the founder of the Creationist Museum in Kentucky, USA
According to the report, there is a risk of confusing between what children are beliefs and what is science. As he says, "believe that all things are equal may seem tolerant but is in fact extremely harmful."

Last May in the United States opened the Creationist Museum.

Located in Petersburg, Kentucky, the institution has dioramas and models representing children playing near a group of dinosaurs, as well as an exhibition on Adam and Eve, and the Flood.

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