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UFOs: the truth is out there

Let me be completely honest. I do not believe in UFOs. Nothing could persuade me to believe that there are aliens flying over us or to come to tea. It is one of the few issues on which my opinion is taken and no evidence that they can cite you changes it. I always thought that there is no evidence that comes from the Martians but was planted by earthlings to convince us that aliens exist. But I'm interested in the stories of close encounters of the third kind? 

Without a doubt I love the movies and the documentaries that present in those lesser known TV channels. Until recently, these were the only places I heard about the Rendlesham incident of December 26, 1980.

I never felt the need to read about the "Britain's Roswell", he was sure that an unidentified flying craft was never seen in the skies of Suffolk. But recently I went into the woods to investigate.

Mysterious lights
The Rendlesham Forest, which is supposed to be the best place to see UFOs in the United Kingdom. A December 26, 30 years ago, U.S. military officers who were near the forest claimed to have seen strange things. They saw a light falling from the sky and, after thinking that a plane would have hit, set out to find him in the forest. There they saw a flashing light in the trees and lights in the sky.

Typical UFO narrative
But should we believe that there is something mysterious in this episode? The other night I ventured to walk the Rendlesham Forest with astronomy expert Ian Ridpath, a scientist who has spent much of his career to explain the incident. He took me to the place where the soldiers of the U.S. aircraft reported seeing lights in the sky. Intelligence agencies have been encouraging the belief in flying objects and extraterrestrial visitation as a convenient cover

Mark Pilkington
While there we saw a few miles of road Lighthouse Oxford Ness Nature Reserve. Ridpath sure that's what the witnesses saw 30 years ago. It is a revolving light every five seconds. "The story is too good to dismiss.'s A combination of events, when the join, unexplained sounds," Ridpath said. "But when you analyze separately, bright light was flashing beacon of Orford Ness Nature Reserve, the bright lights that were seen in the sky for several hours were actually shining stars." The mystery explained. It was a silly mistake they committed two young Americans who were far from home.

Suspicious Minds

What I found in the woods that night was no evidence of the existence of a UFO, but evidence of how easy it is to feed the imagination.

The December 26, 1980, U.S. airmen report a "strange phenomenon" light.
They claim to have found a UFO. In 2003, Air Force officials reveal that it was all a joke. Many still believe the official story and see a conspiracy.
I'm used to going to go out in the woods and frequently dark, but very rarely combine the two activities. It was a field that was familiar and in which it is combined with imagination to create any strange stories. For example, at one point, the light appeared in the distance. I could not hear anything ... something seemed odd. My pulse began to race.

Turned out it was a car, one that you do not make much noise. Looking up, the sky was going around ... As always; I can only rarely see a sky so free of light pollution. Ridpath I noted what appeared to be a satellite passing over our heads, with its solar panels reflecting the sun's rays when this happened; it looked like a glow appeared inexplicably on us while on earth, flashing fireflies. If one were not skeptical, very easily could have sworn he saw UFOs.

A real conspiracy
Also on the hunt for aliens engaged Mark Pilkington, author of "Mirage Men", a book about OVINS, conspiracies and disinformation. The grainy, blurry images of suspected UFOs feed the conspiracy theories. As we returned to see our beacon extraterrestrial, gave me his opinion about conspiracy theories regarding UFOs. "All you think that talk of cover-ups and lies about the existence of UFOs are the exact opposite of what is clearly happening," he said. "Several intelligence agencies have actually been encouraging the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation to hide their own operations."

Ridpath as Pilkington Both are skeptical about the idea that extraterrestrials have indeed visited this planet, but the second has not always been: in the past mixed with UFO circles. And his book is not the usual attack against believers. Treated with the same respect that is given to a strange religion. Interestingly, he says, not what we say Martians, but what we are saying about ourselves by believing in them. That was a revealing evening stroll, but only recommended with a good flashlight and batteries sufficient.

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