Monday, September 24, 2012

Astronauts’ spelunkers returning from a training mission

An international team of astronauts who took part in a training mission, organized by the European Space Agency, has returned home after spending six days in the caves under the ground. Journey to the surface from their underground camp took the mission about five hours.

CAVES mission astronauts gave the opportunity to feel what it means to work as a cohesive and effective team during long space flights. In particular, they were able to hone their leadership and teamwork skills, working in a multinational team, which is typical for the International Space Station.

CAVES - this is the first behavioral course that includes astronauts from all partner countries in the ISS project, from Russia, the U.S., Japan, Canada and Denmark.

In addition to the study of underground labyrinths, the expedition also conducted research in the areas caving cave meteorology, geology, biology and microbiology.

They set traps and collected samples of underground life, which are currently being transferred to specialists for further analysis.

"To perform the job training, our team had to work as a unit. And it was a fantastic experience! "- Say members of the expedition.

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