Friday, September 21, 2012

Disclosed images of space photography contest

The winner in 2011 showed the phenomenon of Whirlpool Galaxy, and this year, the focus is on the phenomenon of Venus and the transition between the Earth and the Sun.

The fourth version of the Astronomy Photographer competition, sponsored by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, and Night Sky magazine, chose the best images of the universe, which took place in the last contest of 2011 and can be seen from today and until February 5, 2013, at the headquarters of the observatory, in London.

During last year's competition, the winner was the image of a spiral galaxy-galaxy-authored Swirl photographer Martin Pugh, of Australia, who was the second time the prize for the best photograph of stars in space.

Another remarkable photograph was an American child of 13 years, Thomas Sullivan, who composed an image of the Milky Way, using as background a desert landscape of California. And who was also awarded in several categories, was the image of the Northern Lights, an astronomical phenomenon that consists of natural light in the upper atmosphere due to the collision of particles, and it was recorded in the northern hemisphere.

According to the organizers, for release this year, attention will focus on the phenomenon of the transition of Venus between Earth and the Sun, which has been a great event for world astronomy, why already, selected two photographs relating to that milestone. Thanks to that, you can have an idea about the size of the Sun relative to Venus, which is almost the size of Earth.

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