Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking for M Theory

If three decades ago Stephen Hawking declared that a "theory of everything" was possible in his last work, "The Grand Design", the famous physicist Leonard Molino appears along with finally bet on the theory M.

They refer to this in a non-conventional covering selected areas of string theories in addition to the "unified field theory" on which still remain skeptical. Not without some irony, Stephen Hawking has declared that "there may not be a final theory to discover after all."

The first problem in creating a theory of everything ("Theory of Everything", in English), is that the accepted theories such as quantum mechanics and general relativity, are radically different in their view of the universe.

The current physical poses a theory of everything that could unify all the fundamental interactions of nature (gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and electromagnetic). To these we must add forces in modern cosmology, inflationary force, dark energy and dark matter, hence the attractiveness and proclaim it a single unifying theory to explain our universe.

As Stephen Hawking explains, "in quantum mechanics particles have no definite positions and velocities and often objects exist only as part of a larger whole. In the past there classical physics, quantum physics but in the past and the future are only a spectrum of possibilities. "

For the "string theory", originally developed to describe the fundamental particles that created the universe, the basic components of matter (atoms and subatomic particles) are points or areas, as described so far, but vibrant threads energy called strings.

In an article published in the journal Physical Review, describes how to perform an experimental test of the validity (or not) of the theory. Through a phenomenon called "entanglement" (by which two or more particles cannot bind both separately described), when this happens, although the particles are millions of miles, when the state of one changes, the other does too.

Michael Duff, responsible for research and professor of theoretical physics at Imperial College, anywhere Phys.Org explains that "these conclusions reached by chance, when a physical conference explaining mathematical formulations of quantum entanglement and its resemblance to others that he had developed years earlier about string theory to describe the behavior of black holes, made him reconsider. "

Recognize that the Superstrings Theory represents a good attempt at unifying our way in recent decades. If our universe is made of tiny strings vibrating energy that lead to the realization of various elementary particles and that in turn make up atoms, molecules, etc., if so, this theory would clarify how they form the musical notes in the score of creation.

String theory or superstring, was proposed in the seventies in an attempt to unify all furzas of nature, but collapsed in the early nineties when it was discovered that there was not a string theory, but five, it was necessary to add supergravity theory in eleven dimensions. All described the same phenomena, but under certain conditions, which for many physicists mean just different ways of approach to a Final Theory called "M", as anticipated at the beginning of this article.

This theory or M theory membranes, attempts to explain the origin of matter as meshes and parallel undulating and defend the existence of eleven dimensions.

Recent research suggests several theories M valid, each describing a different physical. If true, this would be a new scientific crisis: the end of the Theory of Everything ... to the Theory of Nothing *.

The implications go beyond. Some theorists have concluded that there is no single theory of everything; the universe is not accidental but accidental. M-theory, would be a set of theories, we may need to use different theories for different circumstances and each take us a different view of that reality.

If the Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg approached us "Dreams of a Final Theory", maybe those dreams are now awakening from their slumber and have to decide between forgetting theory, starting from scratch or believed.

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