Thursday, September 27, 2012

Map of the route of the rover Curiosity in the first 43 days of sunshine on Mars ...

This map shows the route of the NASA rovers Curiosity in the first 43 Martian solar days (called solami) on the planet Mars (solar day on Mars is almost equal to the earth - 24 h 39 min) during the execution of the mission on Mars (September 19, 2012)...

The route starts from the contact with the surface of Mars rover, that is from the landing site, later known as the landing site Bradbury (in honor of the American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, who passed away recently). 

The line to the right (to the east) from the landing site Bradbury shows the path the rover. The numbering of points along the line indicates the distance that the rover Curiosity takes place every day. North is at the top. Scale mark is 200 meters (656 feet).

During the 43 solar days (43 Sol) Curiosity held a total of about 950 feet (290 meters). More distant to the east area (Glenelg) - the first major scientific mission destination. He got out of the considerations that is, apparently, a great place for the rover first analysis of samples of powder drilled from rocks.

The picture shown as maps, obtained through monitoring the landing site with high resolution camera HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), installed on a Martian spy satellites NASA.

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