Monday, September 24, 2012

Will people get to the stars?

Scientists, engineers, philosophers, psychologists and leading experts in many other fields gathered in Houston last week at a conference entitled 100 Year Starship conferences, to discuss the possibility of making interstellar travel over the next 100 years.

This initiative will accelerate the development of new technologies related to propulsion, life support systems, design starships, and a host of other technologies necessary to send spacecraft beyond our solar system - wherever does not get even a single man-made object, - and to other stars. Since the stars are coming from us at a distance of several light years, this company, no doubt, will be a difficult and risky.

However, experts say, it's worth it: preparing for the commission of interstellar travel would give the human race a lot of technology, which find application on the planet, such as those associated with new sources of energy and the use of space resources.

No one knows exactly whether humanity will fly to the stars, but since they have so tempting, why not try it?

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