Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will there this week, end of the world? Expert evidence

Do we all have to live on Earth Day, and only then comes the very end of the world? After all, even if left alone the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus, there are still scientists from NAS - U.S. National Academy of Sciences, who categorically and, more importantly, specifically declared 21 or September 22, 2012 Sun begins its relentless attack on humans.

Information on such a gloomy forecast of Americans went on many news sites. In this case, refer to the published scientific work overseas "Threats to Space Weather: economic and social consequences." It painted the coming cataclysm one now "day" H "have to" rush of anger "of the Sun, which will trigger" irreversible processes. " Light "will give" a series of powerful flares, and they generate unprecedented in its intensity of geomagnetic storms will bring down almost all the major energy systems created by mankind. As a result, millions of people will be without power, no longer work life support systems on which we are now so dependent....

This is quite a common situation where there is a flash in the sun, accompanied by the ejection of plasma - said the head of the Institute of Astronomy of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolai Chugai. - However, for this process to "touch" us earthlings, we must also match a few other facts: that "shot" solar plasma "hit" in the plane of Earth's orbit, but also - to our planet at this time it was in this "bombard "part of its trajectory. Of course, in the past it has happened more than once. The effect of "solar bombardment" known to scientists by improving the aurora in the sky, in the case of the "attack" is very dense plasma clouds, changes in the magnetic field of the planet, leading to radio failure, the generation of electric current in the conductors of the longest - tubes of oil and gas pipelines, large power lines ...

The strongest recorded in the history of the solar plasma attacks occurred in September 1859 happened then in the Sun "super outbreak" led failure of telegraph systems in Europe and North America.

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