Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Approximate launch date project venera-D

"In this project, we are currently conducting research and development. The launch will be in 2020-2025, "- said the head of the Federal Space Agency.

Under the "Venera-D" will send two to Venus orbiter and a lander. After the failure of the mission "Phobos-Grunt" in the fall of 2011, this project, like many others ("Mars-Nat", "Mercury-P", "Venera-D", "Spectrum-RGM" and "Spectrum-UFM") is under threat. Even report the closure of projects, but that information was later refuted.

Besides the "Venus-D," Popovkin mentioned Roscosmos plans to launch the project "Intaglios-probe", designed to study the Sun.

Roskosmos head office also confirmed the intention to place on the asteroid 99942 Apophasis transmitter. This asteroid will approach the Earth in 2029. "We will not, as suggested by some employers, mine asteroids for some minerals, we just set there beacon", - he said.

Popovkin also confirmed that the agreement between Russia and the European Space Agency ExoMars project will be signed in November 2012. The preliminary agreement was reached in April 2012.

In the current configuration ExoMars mission consists of two stages. In the first phase, tentatively scheduled for 2016, to be launched to the Red Planet orbiter Trace Gas Orbiter to study the atmosphere. The second phase is scheduled for 2018. Then fly to the Mars rover, equipped with a drill.

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