Friday, October 19, 2012

Curiosity digs on Mars glittering particles

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity finds few bright element in the samples, dig up his bucket from the surface of the red planet, scientists say.

Curiosity had recently dumped back taken them a sample of Martian soil, as mission scientists have noticed an unusual pattern in bright fragment, and they feared that they could be a fragment of the space vehicle or ATV. However, the particles, as it turned out, were a Martian origin.

Rover is currently producing his excavations in a place called Rocknest.

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity $ 2.5 billion has landed on the surface of the Red Planet Aug. 6 in large crater Gale. Now rover sent to his first serious scientific purpose - a place called Glenelg, where three different types of Martian terrain. The main goal of the mission is to determine the suitability of potential Martian conditions to sustain organic life.

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