Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quasar J1148 +5251, scientists have discovered around stars

See the sights distant quasar J1148 +5251, scientists have discovered around stars, although it was unspecified that in order to achieve its massive group of three billion solar masses of quasar need to consume large quantities of stars in each year for several hundred million years.

The answer has not yet been found, but after observing in the near infrared wide-angle camera number three NASA space telescope "Hubble", the scientists were able to put forward the assumption about the nature of the mysterious disappearance of the stars of the galaxy surrounding the quasar. 

Its essence is that the stars can continue to be in place, but may have a thick layer of dust enveloping the galaxy, hiding from view of researchers stellar radiation sources, while the bright glow of the quasar breaks through the dense shell of matter.

Astronomers say that the construction site is now James Webb Space Telescope, with its high sensitivity in the region of the spectrum with a longer wavelength will help them solve this problem.

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