Saturday, October 13, 2012

Russia to land on the moon in 2015

Russian scientists are going to launch a mission to the moon routine. The project, scheduled for 2015, is planned to confirm that Russian science is still able to create devices and send them to other cosmic bodies.

In 2015, Russian scientists plan to make the descent module landed on the moon. 

The next unit will produce ice on the satellite, and the next mission will carry out the delivery of ice on Earth. "Then there will be lunar rover, which will gather the necessary samples from the lunar surface, and the next unit we will deliver the samples to Earth" - said General Director of FSUE "NPO im.Lavochkina" Victor Hart.

In early September, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin suggested the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) to reflect on the project to create a base on the Moon. This object, according to the official, will pull a basic science and momentum to the development of the space industry in the country.

"We have learned to work in Earth orbit, successfully working on the ISS, and all have proven to all. Why not try now to work in low gravity on the Earth's natural satellite? “- Asks the official. While Rogozin admitted that there may be other offers, and they are also worth discussing.

At the same time, said RBC, in March 2012, Rogozin made the opposite statement. He questioned the need to send a spacecraft to the moon and offered to go to the other space objects. "What do we need to fly to the moon what we are there we can find useful? Perhaps there are other problems associated with Mars, Venus, and the study of solar physics" - then said the official.

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