Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The database project in space

NASA is going to throw astronauts to the libration point of the Earth-Moon system, thus developing the idea of going beyond low-Earth orbit, already moderately alive in the spacecraft "Orion".

NASA scientists want, based on the experience of international cooperation in the ISS project, to place equipment and astronauts to the second Lagrange point (L2) of the Earth-Moon system.

In this space agency has announced that it is considering the possibility of using Russian equipment and spare parts, created for the ISS. In particular, they talked about the scientific power module, which will be located in the space between the Earth and the Moon for the operations related to the research mission.

Such space base could serve the diverse scientific goals, including the investigation of the effects of space radiation on humans beyond Earth's radiation belts, obtaining unique images of the moon, earth and sun or installation on the Moon radio telescopes. Placing astronauts at L2 should be a landmark event in the history of space exploration - it widens the area occupied in the space of human beings.

Libration point called Lagrange points or areas in which the gravitational influence of the large mass of the two objects are in the facilities in these areas are mutually balanced. Therefore, at these points it is possible to "park" the spacecraft or even to build the base.

However, so far not known whether the statements of representatives of NASA on the space station at L2 serious allegations related to starting work in a new direction, or is it a kind of "trial balloon" to analyze public reaction to this bold idea.

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