Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The solar wind has brought water to the moon

Equipment "Apollo" provided for researchers to analyze new samples of lunar soil.
Examining the samples of lunar soil by the University of Michigan found that the cause of the water on Earth's satellite has solar wind.

It turned out that the increased content of lunar rock hydroxyl ion OH-, which is formed when a material is a proton (H +) - hydrogen ion brought by the solar wind. Proton captures oxygen from the lunar soil, resulting in a more stable particle - hydroxyl ion. In the interaction with other protons recombine it in water H20, 

According to experts, such a mechanism for the formation of water from the solar wind can act on other celestial bodies - for example on Mercury and the asteroid Vesta.

Recall the first summary for water on the Moon was published in 1978 by Soviet researchers in the journal "Geochemistry". Fact was established by the analysis of samples delivered to the probe "Luna-24" in 1976.

According to the data transmitted radar Mini-SAR, established in the Indian lunar apparatus Chandrayaan-1, only found at least 600 million tons of water, much of which is in the form of blocks of ice, resting on the bottom of lunar craters.

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