Monday, October 29, 2012

Where to look for the "perfect storm"?

Many of the population of the Earth are often not even aware that beyond the Earth, on the surface of other planets - and not only, by the way, the planets - the solar system sometimes furious incredible storms.
Over the past decade, the spacecraft was a lot of pictures of the amazing extraterrestrial phenomena on the scale exceeding everything that we can watch on their home planet.

1. The famous "The Great Red Spot," which can be seen even with a telescope from Earth (which is what astronomers have for the past 350 years), is the most ambitious planetary "Hurricane" in the solar system. "Spot" is out of the clouds which are higher than the others and therefore have a lower temperature.
2. Not only on Jupiter can be found "great spot." Own "Great White Spot" has and Saturn. In the photo from December 10, 2010, made the model Cassini see a huge storm, extending to 17,000 km "Long" and 10,000 km of "wide".
3. In January 2006, Cassini filmed on Saturn is the strongest hurricane with a storm that ever on record that a gas giant.
4. In 1989 Voyager sent to Earth image of a giant anticyclone formed in the atmosphere of Neptune. Object GDS-89 was called "the Great Dark Spot (Great Dark Spot, similar to the "spot" of Jupiter and Saturn). Unlike hurricane storms on Jupiter Neptune contain relatively little cloud formations, and their duration of their "life" is usually not more than a few years.
5. Spacecraft orbiting telescope Hubble in 2005, took a giant dust storm on Mars. The storm stretches for 930 miles along the Martian equator.
6. In the dense atmosphere of Venus also observed interesting phenomena. Orbital Research unit Venus Express, launched in 2006, the nearest planet to us, using the tool found VIRTUS polar vortex at the south pole of Venus.
7. Solar prominence - it is also a kind of "storms." In 2011, the Solar Dynamics Observatory at NASA captured on video as a huge steblevidnoe education rose over the surface of the sun, and then divided into four "strings" that later Twist" in the assembly, broke up a couple of hours.
Any popular science magazine , touching in their articles space theme, at least occasionally print photos incredible extraterrestrial atmospheric phenomena, showing us how much planetary conditions may vary even within the same star system.

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