Thursday, November 29, 2012

A unique mega-storm at the north pole of Saturn

Spacecraft Cassini recorded an incredible storm that engulfed the famous hexagon on the north pole of Saturn. The diameter of the storm more than 30,000 kilometers.

Unique video probe sent to Earth on November 27, according to NASA. He had previously recorded storm in the northern part of the planet, but only in the infrared, because it was dark.

As they note, the image of the swirling vortex "cause illusory sense of rotation" of Saturn. 

Its shape resembles the recent storm terrestrial hurricane "Sandy" , however, is many times greater than his strength.
This phenomenon is similar to what is found on the Cassini Saturn's South Pole a few years ago. During 2010 and 2011, Cassini captured a "Great spring storm" on Saturn: Then the storm swept two billion square miles and caused the most powerful and hot stratospheric vortex ever seen on planets and satellites solar system.

"Eight and a half years into the expedition around the ringed planet and we still marvel at the endless parade of new planetary phenomena", - the astronomers.

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