Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Curiosity discovered "something amazing"

Mars rover Curiosity during the analysis of samples of Martian soil found something very interesting, but scientists refuse to say what the rover found - specialists intend to double-check everything again and eliminate errors, according to the American radio station NPR.

"We receive data from the SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars - chemical laboratory aboard the rover) ... and these data seem to be very interesting. 

Scientific team carefully "chew" them ", - said the head of a mission scientist John Grottsinge.

Earlier rover with his arm scooped up several "handful" of Martian sand and sent to the laboratory SAM. Analysis showed something "amazing", said Grottsinger. "These data can enter the history books," - he added.

However, the scientist refused to talk about what exactly is found Curiosity, citing the need for a thorough check of the data. Mars rover team has once got into a similar situation. During the experiment, the analysis of the Martian atmosphere the first measurements showed the presence of methane. "We knew from the beginning that there is a risk to bring to Mars air from Florida (where the rover was launched). Therefore, we measured again, "- said the scientist. Repeated measurements methane disappeared.

Previously, scientists have expressed the hope that the rover Curiosity “sees" complex organic molecules that indicate the presence of living organisms on Mars.

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