Saturday, November 17, 2012

Curiosity found on Mars, radiation is not dangerous for humans

Radiation levels on the surface of the Red Planet is equivalent to environment radiation in low Earth orbit, NASA discovered Martian rover Curiosity.

The first measurements of radiation levels - the first held on the surface of another planet - can cheer those who want to see how once on Mars for the first time set foot on the person: Curiosity rover found that people may well spend some time on the surface of the Red Planet.

Measurements of radioactivity were carried out using a tool rover Radiation Assessment Detector instrument, or RAD, almost from the moment of landing, Mars Science Laboratory mission on Mars on August 6 this year.

Scientists have noticed an interesting pattern - the radiation levels on the planet periodically increase and decrease by 3 - 5%, and it seems that there is some relationship between these fluctuations and changes in the thickness of the Martian atmosphere. However, while researchers prefer not to jump to conclusions about the presence of a stable correlation between these phenomena: Curiosity core mission should last about 2 years, and scientists still have time for a thorough study of all the data.

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